Basement Waterproofing


CLI Concrete Leveling offers 2 basic ways of waterproofing.

First and our preferred method, exterior waterproofing. This process involves excavation on the exterior of the wall down to bottom of the footings. New Drain tile is installed encased in a clean drainable stone. The wall is then prepped for the water barrier which can be 1 of many different things depending on the situation. We install either a 20 mil. self adhesive rubber membrane protected by foam or a drainage mat. Which drains any water that gets to the wall directly to the drain tile. In some cases tar and plastic are a less expensive process that can be used. The soil is then replaced or in some cases hauled out and replaced with a more drainable soil.

The second process involves interior work. First the Interior floor is removed in the affected area approximately 18" from the wall. A small trench is then dug alongside the footing and a new drain tile and peastone is installed. Holes are drilled in the concrete block (if applicable) to drain the wall into the new draintile. The concrete is then replaced.

In both cases the water is routed to a sump pump or an existing working drainage system.

CLI Concrete Leveling also installs yard drain tiles to eliminate problem standing water.