Concrete Leveling


If your concrete is sinking we can Raise It. Our process also known as "mudjacking" involves drilling a series of small strategically placed 1" holes through the top of the concrete in affected area. We then pump our leveling compound through the holes, filling the void and safely raising the concrete. Through this process we able remove trip edges and provide proper water fall. After the concrete is raised, we then patch the holes with concrete, leaving you almost full access to your concrete within minutes. No nasty clean-up, environmentally safe, no mismatched slabs. With a 1 - 4 year warranty and over 10 years experience you can trust your job will be done right.

Mudjacking has been around many years and has proven to be a lasting cost effective way to re-level your concrete. Mudjacking was first used in 1929 by the Iowa Department of Transportation. The equipment has become much more efficient and the holes have been reduced over the years but the process is still the same.